Parque Arvi – The best place to visit in Medellin, Colombia

Today I visited the Parque Arvi. It’s the best and most beautiful place to visit if you are in Medellin, Colombia. I started the trip by taking the metro train until Acevedo.

dsc07811-v1                         dsc07815-1

Once you are there you can take a cable car. The fist part belongs to the metro system and is included in the metro fee, for the second part you have to pay an additional fee in order to go all the way up to Parque Arvi. But as you will see in a second, it’s well worth it. Please note that Parque Arvi is closed on Mondays.dsc07849-1

Once you are up there. You will spot a little market with many fruits, juices and organic foods. I spotted two interesting fruits:

1) Jaboticaba (or Jabuticaba) which is originally comes from Paraguy/Brazil. They even make wine with this fruit. More inforamtion here:

2) Agraz silvestre Mortiño. I found no further information in English about this fruit. It’s a local fruit (berry) from Colombia and it seems to have many health benefits, including cardiovascular and anti cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer and Parkinson. More information in Spanish: or

There is also a little tourist stand. Starting from 10 am up to 3 pm there is hourly a guided tour. In peak seasons even more than that. Again, it’s well worth it to pay a little fee and join a guided tour. Especially regarding safety issues, many tourists got already mugged or lost. Don’t forget Parque Arvi is huge and you out there in the wild. And not only will you have a local guide, you will be joined by many local dogs too.


And not only are the dogs cute, the nature is also magnificent.



At some point we were even joined by a two armed police officers. Who joined us throughout the park. dsc07915-1dsc07907-1dsc07929-1dsc07931

I loved the nature, the view on Medellin city and the security which was provided to us. So that is definitely the best trip you can do if you stay in Medellin, Colombia!


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