Article with travel advice: Visit of Cristo Rey in Cali, Colombia

Today I visited Cristo Rey which translated means King Christ.
It is a statue which is 26 meters tall and with a total mass of 464 tons. Its located in the Cerro de los Cristales, which is just outside and west of the city of Cali, Colombia. On Sunday October 25, 1953, the statue was inaugurated at its summit an image of Christ in celebration of the fifty years following the end of the War of a Thousand Days. To get there I took an Uber taxi which costs around 9’000 COP (USD 3) from the center of Cali (San Antonio).

Some interesting facts about this statue:

  • It’s only 12 meters shorter than its famous sibling in Rio de Janeiro
  • Around 290 000 persons visit it every year
  • To build it they used a total of 35 tons of iron, 1000 bags of cement and 100’000 liter of water. All this was transported from the center of Cali.
  • It’s 8.5 km away from the center of Cali and its altitude is 1440 m over sea.
  • In 1953 when the statue was build Cali had a population of only 60’000 residents. Whereas in 2016 Cali has over 2 million residents.



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