Enjoy the view at the Big Budda in Phuket, Thailand


Phuket with its many beaches is definitly nice but very touristy and I prefer to post something rather special. While there are also big Buddas in other cities it’s definitly a must visit if you stay on Phuket Island. From Patong Beach, which is the center of Phukets tourist destination, it’s a 45 – 60 minutes drive. You can rent a motorbike or share a taxi if you travel in a group.

Once arrived. First you walk up a stairs.


And here he is. The height of the Budda is 45 meters and thus pretty big (the height of Christ the Reedemer in Rio is only 30 meters).

DSC03661 v4

There are also some other Buddhist shrines up there and a second little Buddha.


And as you can see, the view on Phuket Island is just very impressive. I really enjoyed this trip a lot.


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