Visit of Wat Doi Suthep temple just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s said if you haven’t visited Wat Doi Suthep you haven’t visited Chiang Mai. It’s one of the most famous and beautiful temples in the north of Thailand and definitly worth a visit if you are in Chiang Mai. The only downside is that there are many tourists visiting the temple. But that’s business as usual in Thailand. From the center you can take one of the red shared caps. It’s a 1 hour drive from Chiang Mai and the temple is located up on a hill (1400 meter over sea level).

First you have to walk up a long stairs with a dragon on each side.


Once arived on the top you will see the  beautiful landmark of the temple.


The view from the temple on Chiang Mai is also nice on a clear day.


DSC02401 v2

From November to February is the flower blooming season in Thailand. After visiting the temple you could also visit the Bhubing Palace which has a royal garden. But make sure that you go there early enough as it closes already at 3.30 pm.


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